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Introducing exciting new features for Vidyard GoVideo for Cognism!

Joe Barron About Cognism, Sales

Cognism is pleased to announce exciting new features for its Vidyard GoVideo integration. The new capabilities will enable B2B sales and customer service reps to create and share highly personalised video messages at scale. They will help customer-facing teams to boost audience engagement, increase response rates and improve customer satisfaction through the power of personalised video.

The new features - what you need to know

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect from the new version of Vidyard GoVideo for Cognism:

Dynamic Video Personalisation for Sales Professionals

Vidyard GoVideo for Cognism users already know that adding video “selfies” to their outbound emails help them stand out and build stronger relationships with their prospects. The new Vidyard Autumn 2018 update takes “personal” to the next level. Now, Vidyard GoVideo for Cognism users can send pre-recorded personalised and branded videos that have been individually tailored to each contact with the push of a button.

Sales reps can now quickly generate personalised, one-to-one videos on-demand in a matter of moments, enabling highly personalised sales prospecting and customer engagement at scale.

Why you need personalised videos

  • Personalised videos take recipient engagement to the next level by adding items like a viewer’s name, company or title – or even a custom message written by the sales rep – and creates a truly unique moment that literally brings the viewer into the story.
  • Personalised videos have been proven to make a big impact on engagement and increase email conversion by 500% or more.
  • Add a customer’s name to a video and you will see up to 3x the number of video views as compared to non-personalised messages.

Vidyard GoVideo for Cognism: Now Added to the Vidyard App Directory

Online VideoToday, Cognism has been added to Vidyard’s App Directory, putting us alongside familiar names and famous brands like HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce and Outlook.

The Vidyard GoVideo for Cognism app will bring the power of online video into the Cognism tools that our customers are already familiar with and working in. Now, busy sales reps, marketers and customer service professionals will have the ability to quickly create, share and track video messages without leaving the Cognism environment.

Why you need the Vidyard GoVideo for Cognism app

  • Record personalised videos of up to one hour in length.
  • Share your video creations with your prospects and customers, via email and social networking touchpoints.
  • Track who is watching your videos, and for how long. Receive notifications whenever a video is viewed, meaning that you can follow-up in a timely manner.

The power of personalised video

In unveiling these new enhancements, the CEO and co-founder of Vidyard, Michael Litt, said:

“In addition to making video more accessible, the potential we’re seeing with dynamic video personalisation within the Vidyard GoVideo app is incredible. Through the combined power of engaging video and one-to-one personalisation, sales teams are already boosting response rates by more than 300% while improving their productivity and efficiency. The opportunities here are truly exciting.”

Here at Cognism, we believe that online video has the capability to transform B2B sales and marketing for the better. We are excited to provide these new and advanced features to our customers.

For more information on the Vidyard Autumn 2018 update, please visit here.