Cognism at Salesforce World Tour 2019

On Thursday 23rd May 2019, over 12,000 attendees descended on London’s ExCel Centre for the Salesforce World Tour. It was an event for customers, partners, executives and other experts to connect, learn and share knowledge. The focus for this year was on how to deliver exceptional customer experiences and make the world a better place in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


While our sales team was busy manning the booth, our marketing team took the opportunity to see some talks and learn some new skills! The highlights included:

10am: The keynote speech from Salesforce EVP and UK GM, Paul Smith

A packed audience turned up to watch Paul Smith, Salesforce EVP and UK GM. He talked about how the Fourth Industrial Revolution has created a high bar for consumer and employee expectation. His top tip for succeeding in this new business world was simple: know your customer! Put your customers first and always have them in mind when making decisions and developing new products.

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11:15am: Career Inspirations in the Salesforce Ecosystem

Three Salesforce employees, Maritina Tsembells, Kerry Townsend and Keir Bowden, gave us a run-through of their careers and how company culture is so important to personal and professional development.

They also touched upon the importance of continual training and learning - especially at a time when technology is evolving at such a rapid pace.


12:30pm: 8 SMB Apps to Scale your Small Business

Connie Dea, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce AppExchange, explored 8 apps that can help any small business scale their sales and grow their revenue. All of the apps delivered the same benefits to their customers: automating time-consuming manual tasks to increase employee productivity. To find out more check out our coverage from the live blog.

1pm: 4 Expert Tips for Building a High Performing Sales Team

This was a very interesting and insightful presentation, delivered at the event’s Small Business Theatre. The top tips were:


1. Define your culture and live by it

Communicate openly, focus on innovation and customer success, and always deliver the highest level of service.

2. Develop your processes and efficiencies

Use modern technologies and tools to transform your sales process and create the environment you’ll need to secure big wins.

3. Use data to drive results

Today, sales isn’t an art - it’s a science. Leverage data to improve your process and drive better results. Use data to create a proactive sales culture.

4. Share the knowledge and celebrate success

Foster a collaborative environment where your team can learn from each other. The best sales teams work together to generate revenue, not alone.

3pm: B2B Marketing on the World’s #1 CRM

This presentation took place at Capital Suite 12 in the ExCel Centre. Nate Skinner, VP of Marketing at Salesforce, spoke about how the modern marketer should take advantage of technology to improve results. Marketing tech provides the opportunity to align sales and marketing teams so that they’re all working towards the same goals.


AI technology is also a game-changer for B2B marketing. It can optimise and accelerate processes and drive ROI and revenue generation.

4pm: Fireside Chat with David Walliams OBE

Bringing the event to a close - and sprinkling some celebrity stardust on the proceedings - was a fireside chat with comedian and author David Walliams. Interviewed by Salesforce EVP and UK GM Paul Smith, this was a warm and funny overview of Walliams’ career to date, including his Sport Relief charity work and his recent role as an ambassador for children’s literacy.


So that was Cognism’s day at Salesforce World Tour 2019. We are sure to be back next year! For more information about what we got up to during the day, check out our live blog.

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