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Up now: B2B Marketing on Salesforce

Nate Skinner, VP Marketing at Salesforce opens with an overview of the current marketing landscape. He is talking about the age of intelligent marketing and the interesting opportunity this represents for marketers to embrace new technologies. How do you take advantage of these technologies to transform your business? 

It’s a familiar problem to have sales and marketing teams which are divided and operating in their own silo’s. In most organisations these teams have separate tools, processes and data. The implications of this can be huge. Your data is not joined up and your teams end up looking at a different version of the same story. The result? You can’t leverage powerful AI technology. Only 3 out of 10 marketers are using AI to change the way they do marketing in 2019 - that’s a lot of room for competitive advantage!

A joined up sales and marketing function is also essential for the successful implementation of new marketing approaches. Take ABM - a hot topic right now - it is impossible to execute a successful ABM strategy if you are not joined up. You must bring Sales to the table and they need to be a part of the conversation and the process. 

The result?

Being fully integrated, with data that you can usefully leverage across the business ultimately drives ROI which leads to revenue. And what marketing or sales team wouldn’t want that?


Tip 4: Share the knowledge and celebrate success

This is all about fostering an environment of collaboration so everyone is always learning. Never work in silos!

Every action, task and event will come with learning, so share it across the team.

And most importantly, don’t underestimate the impact of celebrating every success, big or small. This can be anything from daily task execution to big wins.

Tip 3: Use data to drive results

Once you have teams inputting data into Salesforce at the right time and in the right way - what’s next?

Use data to drive your results. It’s all about identifying problems ahead of time so that you can be proactively managing performance rather than being reactive.

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Tip 2: Develop your processes and efficiencies

Once you have the right people on the bus and a winning culture, it’s time to think about the sales processes you need to get results.

This is all powered by a powerful tech stack and for the Salesforce team this is made up of: Sales Cloud + Chatter + Quip.

Quip is getting a big plug here, with its purpose being to allow you to manage all your sales team unstructured data through one platform. It’s can be a game changer for efficiencies.

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Tip 1: Define you culture & live by it

Culture has become a buzzword - but what is culture? It’s what you stand for as a business, how employees treat each other and most importantly how they treat your customers.

A high-performing sales team must have drive, hunger to succeed, a growth mindset and a thirst for knowledge. And lastly, every team member must be a team player - no-one sells alone.

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Here are the 4 tips!

  1. Define your culture and live by it

  2. Develop your processes and efficiencies

  3. Use data to drive results

  4. Share the knowledge and celebrate success


Back at the Small Business Theatre and up next: 4 expert tips for building a high performing sales team. A very important topic!


Here are some of the apps that can help you scale your small business:

1. Taskfeed

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2. Distribution Engine

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3. Gmail and Google Calendar Integration

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4. Precursive

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5. Improved Help


6. Data Quality Analysis Dashboard



Connie announces a new feature for the Salesforce AppExchange - consultants for Salesforce projects. Salesforce is recognised as a leader in the SaaS marketplace.


At the Small Business Theatre, Connie Dea is talking about 8 SMB apps to scale your small business.

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Now at the Content Pavilion, Sales Accelerator Lodge to hear about how Salesforce aligns sales and marketing teams!


When it comes to your career you need to look at the skills you have and fill those gaps - especially if they are transferable ones such as people management.

Don’t overlook the importance of continued training and building up your bank of certifications. Make time for these - and don’t just rely on your real-life experience as proof of your skills and value.


The key message from the panel is all about being proactive, taking the initiative to uncover tech solutions to problems and not being afraid to make changes.


Up next: Career Inspirations in the Salesforce Ecosystem.

Now listening to Maritina Tsembells, Kerry Townsend and Keir Bowden as they talk us through their careers and give us some top tips for success.



Christopher Zanardi-Landi now talking about the changes they have made in the last 2 years to Pink: no zero hours contracts in their workshops, production brought back into the UK. Making a big investment in people - this is how they can bring a truly unique client experience in store.

So what’s next for Pink? The aim is to take what they are doing in the UK and build it slowly around the world. Salesforce technology will be powering this change and this growth.


Now having a demo of how Pink personalise their customer’s experiences in store. Einstein voice assistant being used in store by client advisors to live update customer information within Salesforce all through the power of voice. Einstein interpreting the note and analysing it to update customer profiles - see below:

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But how does this help the customer? His whole experience shopping online is personalised to his preferences, his size and more.


Moving on to discuss some of Salesforce’s great trailblazers. Up now: Pink. A shirt is more than just an item of clothing, it’s an expression of individuality. Their success has been underpinned by Salesforce Customer 360 - giving their customers a fully integrated customer experience.



Kicking off the Salesforce World Tour in London with the Keynote from Paul Smith.

Talking all about how we are living through a time of profound change. It is both a challenge and an opportunity to be living through this great fourth industrial revolution. This is the revolution which sees us living in a fully connected world. With this comes a high bar of consumer and employee expectation. We always need to be asking: how are we doing against this bar? That is the real competition and challenge of the fourth industrial revolution.

Paul’s top tip for succeeding is: it’s all about knowing your customer.

growth curve cropped.JPG

For Salesforce, customer success is at the heart of its huge growth.

And this is lived out in their values.

values - cropped.JPG

Paul is discussing the values which underpin Salesforce and Salesforce’s success. The number one value is trust. It is what underpins all the decisions they make. The aim is to earn the trust of their customers every day.

This is amplified further in their value around innovation. Paul talks about their commitment to always adopting new technologies, holding themselves to a minimum of three updates a year. This means the product is always evolving and getting better over time.