Why you need email validation in 2019

This is a guest blog by Email Checker, the market-leading email verification service.

It’s no secret that social media is a hot commodity in B2B marketing – Twitter boasts hundreds of millions of followers, while Instagram and Facebook are used by over a billion scrollers.

If these sound like mind-boggling numbers, you might be surprised to learn that email is top of the pile, with almost 3.8 billion users as of the beginning of the year, according to a Radicati Group study.

That means that email marketing is still the most effective method of reaching consumers, even in 2019. With such a powerful tool at our fingertips, businesses need to ensure their message is hitting its mark – and that means validating your emails and address book.

Email validation is a process that confirms an email is deliverable to its intended destination, through a series of steps that include:

  • Correcting errors

  • Removing corrupted or toxic data

  • Testing an email’s domain and mailbox for a response without actually sending a message

This can have a measurable impact on the success of your email marketing campaign.

Here are the top reasons to use email validation in 2019:

Increased deliverability

Even collecting contact emails in the most organic way (think: opting in) will result in bounces, as customers mistype their email address or, later, replace it with a new one. Getting rid of sure dud email addresses in your list means more of your marketing messages will be delivered, lowering your bounce rate. It also means achieving every opportunity to make direct contact with a customer.

Better leads

Most quality email validation services offer both bulk email list and real-time verification. An API allows providers to validate emails in real-time as they are entered by a user. If an error is made, the form can prompt the user to try again to correct it. As much as 10% of emails entered into forms are invalid, which is a huge loss of a potential user base. Collecting quality B2B leads has a direct link to ROI and customer retention.

Improved inbox placement

Low bounce rates and quality copy stop spam complaints (which result in your emails being filtered out of inboxes or being blacklisted altogether) being made against you. A solid sender reputation can improve your inbox placement and the likelihood of engagement.

Higher response rates

Emails delivered to invalid addresses remain unopened and unread, which will negatively affect your campaign stats. Keep open and click-through rates on track and most likely increase conversions with a squeaky clean email list.

To find out more about Email Checker and how our email verification solutions can optimise your marketing data, visit us here.