Transform Microsoft Dynamics into a lead and revenue generation powerhouse with Cognism.

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Integrating Cognism to your Microsoft Dynamics environment is simple and easy. Use Cognism’s Dynamics application to refresh your CRM data, source new prospects and determine the best times to outreach.


Cognism is a powerful add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365, designed to accelerate B2B sales and B2B marketing operations. Gain access to a global, AI-managed database containing 400 million business profiles and 10 million companies - all without leaving your Dynamics account.

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Cognism’s unique B2B data asset is powered by our proprietary Revenue AI technology. Our AI identifies and enriches stale data, ensuring the complete accuracy of the data inside your Dynamics CRM. Cognism is committed to compliance with data regulations, including GDPR - we guarantee that all the data matched inside your Dynamics CRM is fully GDPR-compliant.

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Cognism’s Microsoft Dynamics add-on is the perfect solution for…

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Download Cognism for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in seconds and enjoy a seamless integration.

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Key Features

Match your contact lists against Cognism’s GDPR-ready database. Push the changes direct into Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Update the details for one or all of your contacts. Receive up-to-date information on attributes including name, company, email and website.

See the employment history of your contacts and leads. Use the data to know exactly when to engage, market and sell.

Cognism works with Dynamics Advanced Find. Search for your ideal customer using filters like job title, annual revenue and location.

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Key Benefits

Increase efficiency and save time on manual data entry and updating. Accelerate sales and marketing workflows with Cognism’s Dynamics add-on.

Get an instant snapshot of the data quality inside your Dynamics CRM. Use Cognism data to keep your records up-to-date.

Save your sessions and review them from your dashboard. Analyse the data in your Dynamics and see how much of it is out of date.

Take your reporting to the next level. Segment your B2B prospects and customers inside Dynamics 365 and run account-based searches.

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I have used services like this before, but none come close to the package and the price that Cognism offer. I would absolutely recommend Cognism to any organisation that is looking to increase engagement on mass but with a real quality approach behind it.
— Andrew Anderson - Business Engagement, Liftshare

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