Cognism for Salesforce

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Find your next best business opportunity from right inside your Salesforce CRM.

Cognism provides a native app customised for the Salesforce environment. Salesforce users can access everything Cognism has to offer without leaving their Salesforce account. Setup is quick and effortless. Generate B2B leads, enrich your CRM data and accelerate the sales cycle - all from inside your Salesforce account.

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Cognism Salesforce is a powerful app that accelerates B2B sales and marketing with high-quality, GDPR compliant data. Maximise revenue generation by building personas, generating outbound leads, and identifying new opportunities within your existing CRM data.

Merge your Salesforce workflows with actionable B2B data, gathered from Cognism’s unique data asset. Our patented Revenue AI engine ensures access to high-quality B2B data, collected from 120 public and private sources. Cognism connects your Salesforce account to 400 million business professionals and 10 million companies around the globe.

Cognism is a Salesforce Lightning Data Partner, and is the perfect solution for…

Cognism Salesforce is available to download now from the Salesforce AppExchange.


Cognism Salesforce will enable you to…

Build a customer profile using filters such as job title, company, industry, skills and location.

Access Cognism’s global database of 400 million business profiles and 10 million companies.

Save the names, contact details and company profiles of your prospects as a Lead, Contact or Account in Salesforce.

Use event-based triggers to determine when your prospects would be most likely to buy, increasing your chances of sales success.

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Use Cognism’s Revenue AI to identify new opportunities from your existing Salesforce data and reach your ideal customers up to 30% faster.

Accelerate the prospecting process by up to 30% by injecting your prospect data straight into your Salesforce account.

Increase the efficiency of your sales team by up to 22%. Reduce the time spent on manual data entry and updating.

Avoid costly data decay by integrating Cognism with your Salesforce platform. Up to 70% of the data in your Salesforce account degrades every year.

Revolutionise your Salesforce pipeline with Cognism’s Revenue AI.

“Cognism gives us the flexibility we need to
capture leads efficiently and the support is great.”
— Sofie Bauters - Lead Sales Manager, Esko

Transform Salesforce into a lead generation and revenue growth powerhouse.

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