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Take advantage of everything Cognism has to offer, from right inside your CRM system.


Linking Cognism to your preferred CRM provider is a simple and straightforward process. Use Cognism’s native CRM integrations to accelerate B2B lead generation and provide your sales and marketing teams with actionable, revenue-generating B2B data.

Connect your CRM system to a global B2B database, containing 400 million business profiles and 10 million companies. Cognism’s unique data asset is managed by our revolutionary Revenue AI engine, ensuring accuracy and compliance with data regulations, including GDPR.

Use Cognism’s real-time business data to streamline the B2B prospecting process and increase conversion rates. Find and deliver the new revenue opportunities living inside your CRM data by creating personas, generating B2B leads and enriching your existing records.

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Cognism’s CRM integrations are the perfect solutions for…

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Cognism has developed native integrations for the four major CRM providers Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics and Pipedrive.

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Key Features

Gain access to an extensive B2B database, containing the details of 400 million business professionals and 10 million companies.

Create buyer personas and search for your ideal customers, anywhere in the world. Export their data to your CRM.

Set sales trigger filters inside your CRM. Uncover any sales opportunities hidden in your CRM and approach prospects when they are most likely to buy.

Cross-reference your CRM data against Cognism’s global data asset. Cognism will fill in any missing gaps, making sure your data is always up-to-date.

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Key Benefits

Build an effective sales pipeline inside your CRM. Cognism will provide you with actionable B2B contact data and automate your prospecting.

Enhance the quality of your CRM data to improve the prospecting process. Reach your ideal customers up to 30% faster.

Improve reporting with revenue-boosting data and actionable insights from inside your CRM system.

Avoid costly data decay inside your CRM with Cognism’s data enrichment solutions. Up to 70% of CRM data degrades every year.

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Access revenue-generating data from inside your preferred CRM platform with Cognism’s CRM integrations.

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