Email Integrations

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Automate your outbound email campaigns

Integrate Cognism with any email provider, including Microsoft Outlook and Gmail.

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Fully sync your inbox with Cognism’s lead generation and sales acceleration platform. Send emails to your B2B prospects via your personal or business email account. Build a scalable outbound pipeline and grow your revenue with Cognism’s GDPR-compliant B2B data.

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Cognism is an easy way to automate sales and marketing email campaigns. We provide integrations for any email service provider, including the two leading email providers, Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. Run email outreach and follow-ups from your own mailbox.

Cognism’s unique B2B database is composed of 5.6 billion data points, originating from a variety of public and private sources. Leverage Cognism’s business data, mapped and refreshed by our Revenue AI technology, to validate your email address lists and ensure GDPR compliance.

Cognism’s email integrations are the perfect solutions for:


Link Cognism to your Microsoft Outlook or Gmail account in seconds. Automate your email quickly and easily with Cognism.

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Key Features

Connect Cognism seamlessly with your preferred inbox. Launch multi-step outbound campaigns directly from your own mailbox.

Link Cognism with Outlook and Gmail in seconds. Use Cognism’s Email Integration feature to connect your Outlook or Gmail to our platform.

Enhance your emails with Cognism’s HTML editor, including in-line spell-check in 13 different languages.

Cognism supports integration with the leading CRMs Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics and Pipedrive. Import actionable data and find missing email addresses.

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Key Benefits

Decrease the time spent searching for prospects by up to 52%. Contact thousands of potential buyers through your Outlook and Gmail.

Find the perfect recipients for your outbound email campaigns. Cognism’s database gives you access to 400 million business and employee profiles.

Use sales triggers to identify leads when they are most likely to buy. Increase response rates by sending targeted multi-stage emails.

Refresh your email address list with Cognism. Fill in any missing gaps in your data, including verified B2B email addresses.

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Cognism is an effortless solution for email automation.

Enhance your outbound email campaigns with Cognism.

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