Turn Salesforce into a
lead generation powerhouse.


A GDPR compliant way to reach over 400 million business professionals inside your Salesforce CRM.




The best B2B data right in your CRM.

Cognism is known for having the best B2B data. Now Salesforce users can access everything Cognism has to offer inside their CRM. Get an all-in-one lead generation, data cleaning/enrichment, and GDPR solution.

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The AI-smart way to build a pipeline.

Harness the power of AI data cleaning & Enrichment

Remove the hassle of manual list building and data entry. Cognism connects your CRM to over 400 million business professionals across the globe.

The Best Data Coverage

Cognism guarantees at least 10 data points for each prospect, including job title, company, location, technologies they use, and more.

The Best Worldwide Business Data

Cognism gathers its data from over 200 public and private sources. Our AI, DataHelix, refreshes and updates data on a daily basis.


Modern data compliance for sales and marketing.

Keep data GDPR compliant

Data protection regulations are always changing. Cognism is committed to providing a GDPR compliant B2B data solution.

Top Legal Guidance for B2B Outreach

Cognism has partnered with top law firm Sheridans to build a sales and marketing data compliance engine.


Try the ultimate marketing and sales intelligence solution.

Cleaned and enriched data from Cognism brings your reporting to the next level. Segment your prospects and your customers better; discover the technology they use and build better account-based marketing personas.


Never waste time worrying about lead data.

Identify target accounts

Cognism is the smart way to do everything outbound or create ABM campaigns. Find verified business contact details from a database of 400M profiles all over the world.

Enrich your data

Use Cognism to create personas, build campaigns, and enrich your CRM. With just a few clicks you can update signal records or bulk actions.


A new way to sell with Sales Trigger marketing.

Accurate Business Data

Cognism is like having an always up-to-date list of all the decision makers ready to buy new services.

Sales Trigger Marketing

Cognism’s innovative AI enables sales and marketing with sales triggers. This cutting-edge feature helps predict where a customer is in the buyer’s journey.

Over 5.6 billion data points mapped and counting.

AI Maintained Database

Cognism’s DataHelix AI can clean over 5.6 billion data points daily. Link your CRM to use AI to enrich and clean your data.

Clean your data

Get all the information you need like email, company size, website, job title, social profiles and more.


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Cognism for Salesforce has options to meet your needs and new business and enterprise organizations.

Cleaning & Enrichment: Enrich records with person and company data, improve lead scoring, and more.

Prospector: Build your pipeline with fresh, targeted accounts and contacts.

Premier Service: With Enterprise get access to a powerful sales enablement, automation tools and support.



Per Month
  • 1200 credits per month



Per Month
  • 2500 credits per month

Additional contact credits can be purchase with your account manager.
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See what Cognism can do for yourself.
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Cognism is an amazing way to optimize your sales and marketing pipeline. Contact us for a demo to see exactly how Cognism can improve your business.