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Orangutan Case Study

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Building Outbound for Orangutan

A Business Consultancy Builds an Outbound Pipeline

C-Level Prospects Discovered
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The Company

Orangutan is an business consultancy launched 1998. Their clients have included leaders in automotive, finance, luxury, and more.

Orangutan specialization is incentive marketing strategies that wow. They know the who, how and when to motivate audiences and bring results. Orangutan’s greatest success comes from tactical sales incentive programmes.

The Challenge

Orangutan outbound strategy was is buy lists of leads and uses Linkedin. Tim Peniston-Bird, Managing Director of Orangutan, told us, “We had lots of prospect, but no meetings booked. The ones we did get were not very good.”

Their challenge was finding the right prospects for their services. Not only did they need to identify the right person to speak to but they needed a working cold pitch. “It was just as challenging find the prospect as it was to start a meaningful conversation.” Tim told us.

The Solution

Orangutan started using Cognism Prospector to build it’s outbound pipeline. Orangutan created and tested many campaigns and personas created with the help of our customer success team. With Cognism’s help, Orangutan found their ideal audience out of 400M people.

The Results

Cognism streamlined Orangutan’s outbound process. They now had the the ability to A/B test personas and messaging. With deep analysis of each campaign, Orangutan was able to see valuable insights to further engagement.

“When I started with Prospector, I didn’t realize the power of it.” Tim told us. “We’re seeing 300% increase in engagement over Linkedin messages.” “Not just that, We’re to exceeding our lofty monthly meeting goals by 140%.” Tim said. “Our sales teams are so busy I had to expand.”

When I started with Prospector, I didn’t realize the power of it.Tim Peniston-Bird

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