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Invest Ottawa Case Study

Timothy Solomon Case Studies, Marketing

Prospecting Golden Leads at Invest Ottawa

Economic Initiatives Find an Audience for Their Startups

Prospect to lead conversion
increase in Startups hitting revenue goals
decrease in time generated prospects
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The Company

Invest Ottawa’s goal is to make Ottawa the most innovative City in Canada. To get there, they deliver economic initiatives to the City of Ottawa and its surrounding region.

At the Invest Ottawa startup incubator and accelerator they host over 30 different companies. Their aim is to help these businesses succeed in hitting their revenue goals. To do this they provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful.


The Challenge

For economic initiatives like Invest Ottawa, getting their startups to find a target audience fast is the key to success. “After all, if a business does not know their audience they will not be able to grow.” Vahid told us.

“We spend a ton of resources on building lists of prospects for each startup we work with. But often the results are poor quality; with either incorrect or out of date data.

The Solution

As a test, they gave three startups in different verticals Cognism Prospector. To measure the results they used the built in analytics that Cognism provided. They also tracked the leads generated in Salesforce after they setup the integration.

Invest Ottawa generated customer personas for each company using the tool. They found thousands of targeted prospects and automated the initial email outreach. In their outreach they tested different messages and scaled it fast.

The Results

Invest Ottawa tested Cognism with proof of value period. They had three companies use Cognism. During that time, the SDRs and biz devs working with their companies got much more productive.

“It was amazing,” said Vahid, “it didn’t matter the company, their biz dev people were generating over twice as many leads and the leads were converting like crazy.”

According to Invest Ottawa tests there was a 52% reduction in the time it took to generate new leads. They also found that the leads that were being generated were twice as likely to convert. “It was a 232% increase in conversion rate,” Vahid told us; “I don’t think our startup will ever need another prospecting tool.” Since starting to work with Cognism, Invest Ottawa has generated well over 250 thousand prospects for their companies.

“I don’t think our startups will ever need another prospecting tool.”Vahid Sadr