Red C Marketing Cognism Case Study

Red C

Timothy Solomon Case Studies, Marketing

How an App Development Company Builds an Outbound Pipeline

Red-C uses Cognism to build a successful outbound channel with minimal resources.

Increase in Productivity
Increase in lead generation
Leads created from prospects

The Company

Red C is one of London’s leading mobile app development companies. They are the proud creators of some of the top apps from when the app store launched in 2007. Since then, they have built relationships with many SME and corporate organizations to build a large library of successful applications.


The Challenge

The Red C Mobile marketing team had a serious challenge. “Red C has always had strong marketing channels, but we now needed to build an outbound process.” Zara Kamrudeen,  Digital Marketing Manager at Red C told us. “We did our best to cold outreach to leads but we didn’t have a dedicated sales team, so didn’t see many results.”

The Solution

Red C needed a scalable solution to enable sales. That is where Cognism Prospector came in. “I was looking at a bunch of tools that would give us business data and sales enablement, then I came across Cognism Prospector”.

“It was the perfect solution for our marketing team.” “Cognism sends out email campaigns at scale without needing to sit for hours on Linkedin everyday.

The Results

Red C was able to use Cognism Prospector to target over 5000 contacts. “Cognism was the perfect solution for our business” Zara told us. “Marketing with Cognism helped increase the productivity of sales by 10x.

According to Red C Mobile, Cognism generated over 300 sales leads in a period of less than 3 months. “Since launching campaigns with Cognism the performance of our outbound marketing campaigns has been amazing!”

Marketing with Cognism helped increase the productivity of sales by 10x.Zara Kamrudeen