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Winning with Sales Confidence and Cognism

Success Case Study

Increased Engagement
Increased website traffic
Number of opportunities from Cognism
Of attendees were Cognism leads

The Company

Sales Confidence is a fast-growing network for the UK’s SaaS sales leaders and founders. It champions the importance of SaaS sales and works to accelerate the growth of the UK’s digital economy.

It does this by promoting the professionalism of SaaS sales and encouraging up-and-coming sales talent.


The Challenge

Sales Confidence had arranged their first ever full-day conference, called SaaS Growth, to be held at London’s Olympic Park. “The scale of this event was larger than anything we had done before,” says James Ski, the founder of Sales Confidence. “We booked out a venue at the Olympic Park in London for over 200 guests and we needed to fill that room.”

The problem for Sales Confidence was in finding the right people, in sufficient numbers, to attend their event.

The Solution

Sales Confidence used Cognism Prospector to create buyer personas of their ideal customers. They used these personas to find key decision makers and SaaS professionals, out of a database of 400 million business profiles. With Cognism, finding the perfect recipients for their email marketing campaign was a simple process.

“Utilising Cognism formed a huge part of our strategy,” James Ski tells us. “It enabled us to connect at scale with extremely targeted people who we knew would find value from attending our event.”

Sending out marketing emails and invites proved easy with Cognism’s outbound email automation. “We were able to build GDPR compliant, multi-step, intelligent email campaigns,” affirms James.

The Results

After using Cognism to manage their lead generation and email outreach, Sales Confidence saw immediate, impressive results. They saw a 104% increase in engagement rates, compared to when they hadn’t used Cognism. Their website traffic over the campaign period increased by 255%. In total, Sales Confidence received 104 opportunities from Cognism. On the day, 20% of the event attendees came from leads that Cognism generated.

For Sales Confidence, using Cognism was a crucial factor in the success of their SaaS Growth conference. So says James Ski: “We sold out the venue 14 days before the event was due to start, and I have no doubt that our work with Cognism was a huge reason for that.”

“Utilising Cognism formed a huge part of our strategy.”James Ski - Sales Confidence Founder