Cognism Customer CXO Cockpit Case Study

CXO Cockpit Case Study

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Clean Data and Fresh Leads for

A Marketing Agency Cleans Data for Over 150K Records
and Discovers Lost Leads

Data Entries Cleaned
Data cleaned or updated
increase in email read rate
New Records Discovered

The Company

CXO-Cockpit empowers finance companies with processes for data that enables reporting, compliance, and collaboration.

Their platform offers a configurable Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution, connecting clients straight to the multi-dimensional financial data without dependence on IT.


The Challenge

The CXO-Cockpit marketing team works with significant amounts of lead and contact data. This has been inherited and comes from other sources including inbound leads – the problem is once data is stored in CRM it quickly becomes outdated. Typically data can decay at 5% per month.

Andrew Lowe, Marketing Professional at CXO-Cockpit said “Working with good quality contact data is important across a number of business workflows. For instance our sales guys are often challenged with calling leads with incorrect data. Also marketing campaign performance is directly impacted by incorrect data. Furthermore allocating inbound leads to sales reps, by segmenting by geography is a time consuming activity”. “It is a constant challenge making sure lead data is correct and actionable.”

The Solution

CXO-Cockpit works with a database of 150,000 leads and contacts within their Dynamics CRM. It became clear the data was old and had gone bad.

Using the #1 rated Data Cleaning & Enrichment app for Dynamic 365 was an easy choice for CXO-Cockpit. Cognism uses the world’s largest B2B data asset and AI to “refresh” lists and CRM data.

The Results

CXO-Cockpit cleaned and enriched their contact and lead data after downloading the Dynamics 365 app. Cognism cleaned all of the 150,000 records. “The results were amazing” Andrew said. “Most of our old data was in a bad state and Cognism was able to save it!”

According to CXO-Cockpit, Cognism matched over 50% of the list and updated over 50,000 records. Since cleaning their data and using Cognism their email read rate has increased by 20%. “If you need clean data Cognism is an easy choice.” Andrew told us “I would recommend them to anyone working B2B.”

“If you need clean data Cognism is an easy choice.”Andrew Lowe