Align social media with outbound email marketing

How to Align Social Media with Outbound Email

Timothy Solomon Marketing, Sales

Your social media presence can help engage your prospects after you’ve emailed them. Don’t start outbound email marketing before your social media is in place. 

Outbound Email & Social Media

First, you targeted someone as a potential B2B customer. Then you’ve added them to your automated email marketing campaign. Now you sent them an opening email packed with perfectly-crafted content, designed to engage. In fact, now you’ve engaged them so well they want to find out more about you. Maybe they’ll visit your business’ website? But it’s just as likely they’ll search your business out on social media. If they do that, what will they find?

Before you start your outbound email campaign, check your social media channels. You must make sure your social media presence is consistent and portrays you in a positive light. If a prospect searches for your business on LinkedIn or Facebook, and they don’t like what they see, you could lose a potential customer.  

It’s all about having as many touchpoints as possible portraying you in a positive light. Here are our tips on how to do that.

Audit Branding and Image

Before we start on individual social channels, it’s right to mention branding and imaging. Ideally, you want consistency of branding across all your social channels. You need to have the same logos, colours, straplines and messaging formats. Before you build or rebuild your social media profiles, make sure this is all ready to go. Social media channels use different image sizes for your profile screen. Make sure everything is optimised.


If someone is curious about your company in a B2B capacity, they are likely to try to find out more using LinkedIn. Your priority should be to make sure your personal profile is up to date. Your Company page must also say great things about you.

For your personal page, make sure you use a professional-looking photo. Use the Summary and Experience sections to tell your prospects how you solve their problems. Ask your customers for testimonials to add to your LinkedIn profile. 

On your company page, you need to have consistent company branding. Use the profile section to talk to your prospects. Explain who your business is for and what problems you solve. 

Once this is in place, you can try more advanced LinkedIn marketing techniques. Engage with prospects on LinkedIn, publish articles that provide value, join groups that will boost your profile. This activity will promote your brand. It will show your prospects that you are the B2B supplier they need. 


Twitter is another effective social network for engaging B2B prospects. Build your profile with consistent branding. If you can think of a hashtag to use in your Twitter activity, this is useful, as you can also use them in your posts.

Twitter is an excellent place to engage with your prospects on a human level, even if you’re selling B2B. Once your profile is up and running, use Twitter to emphasise your personality as well as your product.

You should also use Twitter to engage with your prospects and customers. If they comment on your posts, use it as an opportunity to start a conversation.

As for what to post, small updates about what your business is doing delight your followers. You can also share links to your content. To schedule posts at certain times of the day, Buffer is a useful tool.


Facebook may be famous as a consumer platform, but businesses can also harness it to boost engagement. Once again, build your page consistent with your other social channels. On Facebook, it’s easy to publicise your contact details, location and additional business information. There is an About section which you can use to tell your audience how you help them.

Once your page is up and running, ask your customers to leave reviews. This will impress new visitors to your page. Post updates and share content, but always make sure you use eye-catching images. Facebook is a very visual social network. Posts get 39% more interaction on average if there’s a photo [1].

Your follower account will grow. This will impress your prospects when they search for you.

Don’t forget the others

You can’t be everywhere. However, there are other social networks you can utilise, depending on the nature of your business:

  • YouTube: Video distributed through YouTube can be amazingly effective at driving traffic to the top of your funnel.
  • Instagram: If you’re operating in a visual industry, Instagram is the image-based network.
  • Quora: If you’re looking to position yourself as a thought leader, Quora, along with LinkedIn, are the places to do it.

Social is part of your brand

To conclude, social media is part of your overall brand and needs to be treated as such. There’s no excuse for a social media profile that looks incomplete or amateurish. It will only put forward the wrong impression of your business. In fact, you may as well not be on there at all, if you’re not going to do it correctly.

Once your social media profiles are set up and looking good, you can be confident that when your prospects search for you, they will like what they find. It’s time to start your outbound email marketing campaign.

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