The Ultimate Guide to Email Sending Limits

Timothy Solomon Marketing, Sales

If you’re running an outbound email marketing campaign, getting your email account block can be a huge headache. What many people don't know is that most email providers have email sending limits. Make sure know your email host’s rules.

How to Find Out Email Sending Limits

When you’re running an outbound email marketing campaign, you’ll be sending a large number of emails out on a daily basis. They could be:

  • Opening emails
  • Content generated for automated lead sequences
  • Personalised emails to help your leads become customers

What you may not know is that your email provider sets limits regarding how many emails you can send across specific time periods. Email providers set these limits up to prevent their users from sending spam. They could have daily limits, hourly, even a limit on emails per minute. If you exceed that limit, every email you send after that could be blocked. This could severely damage your outbound marketing efforts.

Automated email marketing systems such as Cognism Prospector depend on a working email host to function. Make sure you know what your email provider’s rules are regarding numbers of emails you can send.

Here are the limits for some well-known email providers. These are correct at the time of writing, but could change at any time. Make sure you check with your provider if in doubt. We’ve produced an article containing 10 tips to ensure your email address is fit for outbound. 


Daily: 10,000 recipients

Other limits: 30 messages per minute

Office365 offers a massive limit, which should be more than enough for outbound marketing operations. However, don’t fall foul of the 30 messages per minute threshold. Make sure, if you’re using email automation, you set your emails to go out in batches that don’t exceed this limit.

GoDaddy Workspace email

Daily: 500 recipients

Other limits: 300 messages per hour, 200 messages per minute 

Depending on the size of your outbound campaigns and how many you’re running, you may find GoDaddy’s daily limit restrictive. Make sure you know the number of follow-ups you’re sending, as well as opening emails. If you decide you need to set up a new email address to allow for extra capacity, make sure you follow our 10 tips to get your new email ready for outbound. LINK

G Suite

Daily: 2000 messages, 10,000 recipients 

If you’re using Google’s business email application, you need to be aware that Google takes spam very seriously. Google scans emails looking for signs of spam in your content. If your email raises a flag, Google will block it. Make sure you write your email in a natural style. Use text instead of HTML where possible.

Another thing to bear in mind is that Google will block your email account for up to 24 hours if you exceed these limits. 

Gmail (Free option)

Daily: 500 messages

We don’t recommend you use free Gmail for your email marketing campaign. This is because it looks unprofessional to the prospect when they see your address ends in You need to have a business domain and email address if you are going to practise outbound email marketing. 

Like G Suite, Google will freeze your account for up to 24 hours if you exceed their limits.


We’ve covered the most popular email providers and web hosts currently operating. Here are some other hosts you may be using, that also impose limits: [1]

  • HostGator: 500 messages per hour
  • BlueHost: 150 messages per hour
  • 1and1: 6 messages per minute
  • Siteground: 400 messages per hour
  • Rackspace: 10,000 recipients per day


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