Cognism Case Study JBS Associates

JBS Associates Case Study

Timothy Solomon Case Studies, Sales

Targeting Accounts in Emerging Markets

A Recruitment Agency finds and secures key accounts in emerging markets across the world.

Emerging Markets Targeted
increase in email read rate
Tier 1 Accounts Secured
Return on investment

The Company

JBS Associates provides recruitment solutions in emerging and frontier markets. They are committed to finding the best hires in developing markets.

Since its founding in 2000, JBS Associates has become known to find the best people for jobs all over the world.


The Challenge

“Our #1 goal is reaching clients in emerging and frontier markets” Jonathan Stokes, Managing Director of JBS Associates, told us. “We target new markets, where there is limited data, so we need reliable data. If the data is more than a year old, it’s for sure useless.”

We tried Linkedin for lead generation, but it wasn’t good,” Jonathan said,“ It was a waste of time and money, providing no ROI.” “What else could we expect? Linkedin is not an automated or scalable solution, and because of this, it wasn’t the right solution for my company.”

The Solution

JBS Associates decided to use Cognism Prospector for their outbound processes. Working with JBS, Cognism generated many targeted personas and campaigns. “With the markets we work in there’s no ‘one size fits all’;
you have to tailor it to each market, it’s been a learning process. But now with Cognism we are cooking with fire!”

The Results

Cognism has launched campaigns with JBS Associates in 23 emerging markets. These campaigns were able to generate leads that resulted in closing 7 high value contracts.

“Now that we have had the growth we were looking for, we are working with Cognism’s excellent customer success team to make the next stages more effective,” Jonathan told us, “Lucky for us it’s easy since the Cognism Prospector tool is so intuitive, logical and easy to use.

Cognism Prospector tool is so intuitive, logical and easy to useJonathan