Sales Efficiency

How To Make Your Sales Teams More Efficient

Joe Barron Sales

You can have the best product on the market. You can have your industry’s most talented salespeople in your team. But if your B2B sales teams are not set up correctly, you will not fulfil your potential. Inefficiency in sales teams leads to lost time, wasted energy and revenue left on the table. It could mean the difference between the success and failure of your business. Product and people are essential to your success, but a few small changes in your organisation can make a significant impact. Here are 4 tips you can use today to streamline your sales process.

1 - Define your sales process

What does the process of turning a lead into a customer look like? Do you even have a process?

For efficiency in B2B sales, you need to be able to define your sales process. It needs to be comprehensive. It needs to be repeatable. It needs to be scalable. As you grow and new starters join your teams, they should be able to click into the process seamlessly. Your sales process could even be adapted to work in different territories and countries.

Like a manufacturing assembly line, when a sales process is consistent, over time success rates rise and the time it takes to complete it goes down.

If you’re currently giving your sales reps free rein over how they sell their product, it becomes hit-and-miss. This makes it hard to make forecasts and budget for the future. Involving your team in defining a sales process that everyone can follow will achieve buy-in.

2 – Use tech to automate tasks

Sales AutomationWhat percentage of your sales reps’ days are spent actually selling? If you can somehow raise that percentage, it should lead to more revenue.

If your reps are spending too much time performing everyday tasks, such as data entry or signing documents, technology can help. Most of these essential yet menial tasks can be automated with the right piece of software.

As well as freeing up more time for your sales teams to sell, you will also find that software does a more effective job on these tasks.

3 – Forge closer ties with your marketing team

Not enough organisations meld their sales and marketing teams together. Although, this number is increasing thanks to the growth of ‘smarketing’. There are numerous efficiency-related benefits to forging closer links between these teams.

Firstly, there may currently be task duplication between Sales and Marketing. Both teams should not be sourcing leads or producing B2B content. These tasks could be done exclusively by Marketing.

Sales will be able to help Marketing on defining pain points, classifying leads and building buyer personas. After all, they have conversations with prospects and customers every day. It’s a win-win situation.

Create lines of communication between your sales and marketing teams and watch your close rate rise.

4 – Analyse and iterate

Salies EfficiencyOnce you have written your sales process, it’s not set in stone. It should be an evolving document. It’s also true for implementing automation technology and integrating your sales and marketing teams. Keep track of all your metrics to see what is working, and what isn’t.

‘That’s how we’ve always done it.’ should never be uttered in your organisation. Change is inevitable in business. Your marketplace changes, technology advances and new ideas come to the fore. Always be on the lookout for new ways to make your sales teams more efficient.

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