Cognism Makes Leap into ISO 27001 Accreditation

End-to-end sales acceleration platform Cognism has made a commitment to its rapid growth and data security by securing ISO 27001 accreditation.

The accreditation supports Cognism’s use of data by confirming its information security and management systems are now compliant to international standards.

Following around ten months of progress, Cognism has been granted the globally recognised standard.

Cognism Compliance Officer, Megan Bennett, said: “Our newly-granted ISO accreditation is great news for Cognism. This means we now have evidence that our high-performing system is also available for use with confidence by clients and that our management of information and data is secure. This has been achieved by working across the whole company and implementing culture change on a large scale.”

Cognism CEO James Isilay, said: “We are delighted to be able to carry ISO 27001 accreditation. As a company that deals primarily in huge swathes of information, security has always been one of our main concerns. To achieve this certification so early in Cognism’s timeline is incredible and I’m immensely proud to see another element of our vision for the company fall into place.

“This is another string to our bow and will mean we are more agile when it comes to securing new business and partnerships. Ultimately this will speed up our already impressive growth as a tech-focused start-up. To be certified in this way is peace of mind both for ourselves and the many companies we work with.”

Cognism also carries Cyber Essentials as part of its accreditations. 


About Cognism

Cognism is a sales and marketing acceleration platform, using patented AI technology, to provide B2B sales and marketing teams with a blend of real-time company, people and event data to streamline prospecting, find and deliver new revenue. 

Cognism is pioneering a scientific approach to B2B lead generation. For today’s B2B sales and marketing teams, the process of lead generation has become significantly harder. The number one reason for this is data decay. Artificial intelligence and machine learning represent a significant opportunity for B2B companies to improve the quality of the data they hold. Cognism is driving the development of this cutting-edge technology and has created its own unique AI engine, Revenue AI.

So what does this mean? Revenue AI answers relevant questions around B2B lead generation, such as: will someone soon be promoted into a decision-making position? Does a person now qualify for new investment products? Is a company changing strategic direction or adopting more AI technologies? By arming customers with this kind of data, Cognism helps them to hit and exceed their revenue generation goals by shedding light on the type of mindset a buyer has at any given moment in time.