Sales acceleration and demand generation simplified.

On average, it takes 6 hours of work to book 1 meeting.
Cognism Engage can do it in 2.


Sales acceleration for outbound lead generation.

B2B Sales Acceleration

Automate the outbound process with sales acceleration tools. Build email marketing and demand generation solutions to scale your business quickly.

Grow Sales Teams

On average, it takes 6 hours of work to book 1 meeting. Cognism Engage can do it in 2 with outbound email automation. Deploy sequenced automated emails to fill your funnel full of leads. Book meetings in ⅓ of the time.

Sales Trigger Targeting

With real-time data, Cognism’s intel is so fresh you can use it to target decision makers at key stages in the buyer’s journey.

Zara Kamrudeen

Digital Marketing Manager

"Marketing with Cognism helped increase the productivity of sales by 10x."

Intelligent outbound.

Outbound Marketing Solution

Use buyer personas to create automated campaigns that will generate leads. Automate your outbound emails and contact hundreds of new prospects.

Demand Generation

Launch global automated demand generation and account-based marketing email campaigns to business prospects.

Telemarketing Solutions

With contact numbers for over 50 million companies and universal CRM integrations, Cognism Engage is a great solution for telemarketing.


Register for a demo, see exactly
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Power your sales accelleration with data.


Universal CRM integrations

Cognism features universal CRM integrations as well as native integrations for the most popular CRMs like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce and more.


AI Maintained Database

Cognism uses AI to merge and serve data from over 200 private and public data sources. Data is maintained to accuracy, security, and compliance.


Global Business Data Solution

Cognism is a worldwide data solution with a strong focus on EU and emerging markets. Access data for 400M business professionals and companies worldwide.


Data Regulation Compliance

All businesses need to worry about data regulations. Cognism has you covered with a fully compliant GDPR, PECER, and CAN-SPAM business data solution.

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