Find your perfect B2B leads.


Access data for over 400M business professionals and companies worldwide.


The right solution for account-based marketing.

Account-based buyer personas

Create buyer personas to find your ideal customers. Use demographic, firmographic and technographic filters to build lead lists.

B2B Market Sizing Solution

Find out what your total addressable market. Build personas to find out how many customers are available to your business worldwide.

Sales Intelligence for Sales Teams

Use sales intelligence to improve the quality and quantity of sales leads by using data to find new opportunities and provide salespeople with the information they need to take advantage of them.


B2B Sales Intelligence.


Custom Buyer Personas Targeting

Use demographic, firmographic and technographic filters to build lists, target decision makers and export data.

Close deals using sales triggers

Use sales triggers and email marketing automation to contact prospects when they are most likely to buy.

Universal CRM Integrations

Cognism features universal CRM integrations as well as native integrations for the most popular CRMs like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce and more.


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Global data powered by AI.


Dynamic data validation

DataHelix is Cognism's AI. It seeks and targets stale data, keeping your records as fresh as possible.


Data Compliance for your business

Data regulation changes may affect your business. Cognism is a fully compliant GDPR, PECER, and CAN-SPAM business data solution.


A Database Managed by AI

Cognism collects its data from over 200 private and public sources. Our data is accurate, secure and compliant with international data regulations.


B2B Data on a Worldwide Scale

Cognism’s data is global and focused on the EU and emerging markets. Explore a worldwide database of 400 million business professionals.


Prospect more leads, faster with Cognism.

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