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Low lead quality is one of the most challenging issues that a sales team can face. Every sales rep knows the frustration of spending valuable, precious time working on a lead that turns out to be completely unqualified. It all comes down to the data - too often, the information that sales teams are working with is incomplete or out of date, killing confidence and impacting on revenue.

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Cognism Prospector is the number one solution for B2B salespeople looking to improve their data quality and generate better quality leads. Gain access to a global, GDPR compliant database of B2B leads drawn from any industry you can think of.

Find your ideal buyers and engage with them using outbound emails and calls. Use trigger events to contact your prospects at just the right moment, making a sale more likely. Cognism Prospector will supply you with all the B2B data you need to book more meetings and close more deals, fast - supercharging every aspect of the sales process.

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Prospector enables you to…

Create personas of your ideal customers based on a range of person and company filters. Easily build targets lists of B2B leads.

Calculate your Total Addressable Market from Cognism’s global database of 400 million business profiles and 10 million companies.

Use the latest company, people and event data to improve the quality and quantity of sales leads. Find new opportunities with Prospector.

Engage and follow-up with your prospects through automated email sequences and outbound calls.


Cut B2B prospecting times in half, identifying only the best leads and targeting them straight away.

Connect with your ideal buyers and achieve higher response rates by crafting highly-focused outbound campaigns.

Apply sales triggers to increase conversion rates. Contact prospects at the right moment in time, converting more leads into new business revenue.

Integrate Cognism with your preferred CRM, including leading providers such as Salesforce and HubSpot. Transfer leads directly into your CRM.

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Data and Compliance

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Work with an evolving B2B database, managed by Cognism’s unique, patented Revenue AI engine.

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Gain access to high-quality actionable B2B data, gathered from a variety of public and private sources.

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Ensure compliance with EU regulators by utilising Cognism’s GDPR-ready business data.

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Cognism has partnered with the top UK law firm Sheridans, to build a sales and marketing data compliance engine for GDPR.

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We started using Cognism around 6 months ago and it’s been massively beneficial for us. We’ve grown a lot as a business over that period and in my eyes, Cognism has been a pivotal tool in this! I’d recommend to anyone looking for technology to support their business development function.
— Ciaran North - Divisional Manager, Graduate FastTrack

Maximise revenue generation with Cognism Prospector.