Cognism for Recruiters

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Fire up your hiring with real-time data.


HR and recruitment is one of the fastest-growing areas of business. By 2025, the global HR industry is projected to be worth $30 billion. It’s not hard to see why – there are lots of recruiters out there vying for the best talent and competition is fierce. People change jobs more than ever – every five years on average in the UK and every four years on average in the US. This represents a challenge, but also an opportunity.

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Cognism’s intelligent data platform can put you ahead of the recruitment curve, giving you access to a global database of 400 million B2B profiles and 10 million companies. Our sales trigger function can help you highlight which business stakeholders have recently changed jobs, which companies are hiring and which organisations have received funding - making your process to sign up new clients much more effective.

Raise your recruitment game with Cognism.

Knowing exactly when a company received funding, or which positions a business was hiring for - these used to be near-impossible tasks. Not so with Cognism Prospector, the number one tool for recruiters to get all the intel they need to succeed. With Prospector, you can explore a global database of companies and decision-makers, and pinpoint the precise moments when they would be most receptive to your outreach.

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Delve into a worldwide B2B database containing 400 million business professionals and 10 million companies.

Reach out to HR professionals and hiring managers at the times when they’ve joined a new role and will be looking to review current providers.

Find out which companies globally have recently received funding. Engage with them at the precise times when they would want to increase headcount.

Identify the exact positions a company is hiring for. Cognism can supply accurate job board data, so you can find jobs that aren’t live on a company’s careers page.

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Additional benefits of working with us…

Use Cognism’s automated email sequences to engage and follow-up with HR professionals and decision makers.

Capture attention by attaching candidate videos to your outbound emails. Track when and how often the videos have been viewed.

Enrich the data in your preferred CRM, filling in any missing gaps in your records and sourcing new recruitment opportunities.

Work with fresh, high-quality B2B data. Cognism’s data is gathered from a variety of public and private sources.