Enrich your business data

From stale to sale.

As data ages, it loses value. Every day, people change jobs, get promoted or move to a new city. Businesses too change over time. They merge or are acquired, change their company name or location. Email conventions change. A company may open up new offices or shut others down.

How can a B2B salesperson or B2B marketer keep pace with the ever-changing reality of business data? The answer is simple: use Cognism Refresh. With Refresh, you can scan your CRM system and detect which records have gone out of date. Then, our pioneering Revenue AI will enrich your stale B2B data, filling in any missing gaps in your records and providing you with valuable, actionable information - increasing your chances of sales success.

Make your data revenue-ready with Cognism.

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Use Refresh to…

Update your existing CRM records with refreshed data and identify new revenue opportunities.

Populate any missing data points on a person or company level, including job title, location, industry and financials.

Work with the latest, real-time company, people and event data. Make sure your sales team has all the information they need to close new business.

Import and refresh your business data inside your preferred CRM. Cognism integrates with all leading providers.

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Use fresh and accurate B2B data to optimise your sales and marketing processes, driving revenue creation.

Generate new sales and revenue opportunities from clients that have changed jobs or companies.

Enhance your data to run account-based searches and build highly targeted prospect lists for your outbound campaigns.

Discover direct dial data for US markets, enabling you to bypass gatekeepers and speed up the prospecting process.

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Data and Compliance

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Work with an evolving B2B database, managed by Cognism’s unique, patented Revenue AI engine.

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Gain access to high-quality actionable B2B data, gathered from a variety of public and private sources.

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Ensure compliance with EU regulators by utilising Cognism’s GDPR-ready business data.

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Cognism has partnered with the top UK law firm Sheridans, to build a sales and marketing data compliance engine for GDPR.

“Cognism gives us the flexibility we need to capture leads efficiently and the support is great.”
— Sofie Bauters - Lead Sales Manager, Esko