One of the biggest issues faced by B2B companies is the wasting of huge resources in targeting the wrong people, in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and with the wrong message. Improvements to the sales process must be supported by a completely different approach to data sourcing. A static CRM is no longer good enough; B2B sales organisations need access to fresh, accurate, contextual and, critically, GDPR compliant data.

Cognism’s Revenue AI engine addresses these issues by tackling three distinct database flaws:

Removing ambiguity from – for example, job titles – by mapping common fields and creating a common language to allow businesses to more accurately identify desired user and business profiles.

Enabling and enhancing the identification of international users and business profiles.

Identifying and predicting frequently changing fields of user profiles to ensure that businesses are dealing with current and accurate CRM data.

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Cognism’s Revenue AI engine empowers B2B organisations to better manage and maintain real-time, consistent and high-quality data.

Through the Revenue AI engine, not only can B2B companies identify the most relevant, timely revenue opportunities on an international scale, but they also gain a deep and accurate customer data resource that can transform the accuracy of sales and marketing activity. Companies are not only prioritising outreach activity at the right time, but each prospect interaction is more focused and relevant to each persona.

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With a constant feedback loop provided by the Revenue AI engine, Cognism’s B2B clients are achieving real bottom line growth. This comes from using Revenue AI to better understand their core market, from purchase triggers to decision making personas. In today’s ever more discerning market, being able to deliver a personalised B2B sales message in the same way that people have become used to in a consumer environment will soon become a key to competitive advantage and profitable business growth.

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Cognism Prospector is a GDPR compliant lead generation and outbound automation solution, powered by our patented Revenue AI technology. It provides B2B salespeople with a more efficient way to prospect, producing contact data at scale and streaming new opportunities into the funnel.

Cognism Refresh is a powerful platform for managing all your data enrichment needs. Our pioneering Revenue AI seeks out and targets stale data, filling in any missing gaps in your CRM records and providing you with valuable, actionable information.

Use Cognism’s native interface or integrate our products with your preferred CRM, including major providers such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics and Pipedrive.

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Cognism’s Revenue AI will transform your sales pipeline.

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