Cognism for Sales Leaders

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Build revenue on better data.

A sales team is only as good as the data it works with. Don’t miss out on a revenue opportunity by using data that’s out of date. Cognism provides real-time, GDPR compliant B2B data that allows sales reps to prospect intelligently, engage successfully and close deals more quickly.

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Struggling to find good quality B2B leads? Cognism Prospector is just the answer for you. Identify your ideal customers anywhere in the world, find others like them, and reach out when they’re most likely to buy.

Build personas of your target customers using filters such as job title, company, industry, skills and location.

Generate actionable B2B leads from Cognism’s global database of 400 million business profiles and 10 million companies.

Use trigger events to identify the most optimal times to outreach, proven to increase conversion rates.

Automate engaging with your leads through built-in multi-touchpoint sales cadences.

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It’s estimated that up to 70% of the data in a sales rep’s CRM goes out of date every year. Stop this from happening by deploying Cognism Refresh. Scan your CRM for out of date records and make sure your sales team is working with only the freshest and most accurate B2B data.


Match your CRM records against Cognism’s unique data asset, returning only clean and accurate B2B data.

Update any stale data in your CRM with just a few clicks, creating new business opportunities out of old data.

Populate any missing data points for your prospects, including job title, company, location, industry and skills.

Enrich across all data points simultaneously, removing the need for time-consuming manual data entry.

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Cognism can help you…

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Accelerate your B2B sales and increase the efficiency of your funnel by up to 22% with Cognism’s automated processes.

Identify the optimal times to reach out to your prospects. Spend less time B2B prospecting and more time closing.

Build a scalable outbound sales process. Discover your Total Addressable Market and drive revenue generation.

Maintain a high-performing sales team through the visibility of your funnel. Track engagement, lead generation and conversion rates.