Cognism is the best solution
to grow your B2B sales.

Cognism users are +51% likely to hit quota, generate 45% more opportunities and have access to 400M+ leads & prospects.


B2B sales
powered by data.

Find prospects and automate your outbound process with Cognism’s high-quality data solution.


A complete solution to scale sales teams.

Prospect leads with buyer personas

Create custom buyer personas with Cognism Prospector. Find your ideal customer anywhere in the world, from a database of over 400 million profiles.

Sales intelligence for sales teams

Use Cognism business data to cut prospecting times in half. Identify only the best leads so that your sales team can target them straight away.

Sale triggers that create sales

Track prospects during key "triggers" such as when they are promoted or switch jobs. Contact customers when they are most likely to buy.

Tim Peniston-Bird

Owner & CEO

"Sack your business development team!"



Improving outbound automation.

Simple Sales Acceleration

Accelerate your sales using a sequence of sales activities. Increase the efficiency of your funnel with Cognism’s automated process.

Outbound made easy

Engage with your prospects using phone, email and social touchpoints. Automate your outreach and follow-ups to book more meetings.

Smooth CRM integration

Cognism links with all leading CRMs. Transfer lead data directly into your CRM or platform.

Timo Hengge

Sales Manager

"The whole service team is extremely responsive and helpful and they are always genuinely looking to add value to their platform. "

Helping sales teams perform better.

Improve sales efficiency

Boost your sales team’s performance by 22%. Cut the time your team spends on manual data entry and updating.

Manage team performance

Maintain a high performing sales team through the visibility of your sales funnel. Track engagement, lead generation and conversion rates.

Data enrichment & cleaning

Fill in the gaps in your data. Find missing information and use it to connect with your prospects and close more deals.

Global GDPR compliant data.


Worldwide B2B data sourcing

Cognism acquires data from over 200 public and private high-quality sources. Data is maintained to accuracy, security, and compliance.


Market leader for business data

Cognism gathers only the most relevant and necessary B2B data. Our data sources include crowdsourced and consented-in private data.


Secure & compliant B2B data

Cognism holds detailed records of how we have collected and processed data. We use only GDPR compliant CRM and storage software.


Legally approved data solution

Cognism has partnered with the top UK law firm Sheridans, to ensure GDPR compliance. Our data asset addresses all B2B consent requirements.



Startups and SMBs

Increase your small business success with Cognism. Scale growth and sales quickly by marketing to the right prospects and keeping your data fresh and current.




Enterprise Companies

Prospect leads and enrich old data inside your native CRM. Maintain data regulation compliance with Cognism.

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