DataHelix by Cognism
AI meets Human Intelligence

AI makes data cleaning and lead prospecting more effective.

Native CRM Integrations

Keep up to date with dynamic data validation.

DataHelix’s blend of human intelligence and AI seeks out and targets stale data. When it finds bad records, they are immediately actioned and updated. Keeping your data as fresh as possible.

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Never bounce back an email again.

DataHelix is Cognism’s AI. It’s most basic function is to verify email contact details. When stale emails are encountered, DataHelix runs a 14 step verification process to find the correct email.

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Free CRM data evaluation.

Calculate the value of your CRM data by cross-checking your records against over 400 million profiles. Receive a detailed report that shows you the cost per lead, cleanliness of your CRM data and identifies new opportunities. Only pay for the value we deliver.

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AI enabled sales triggers.

DataHelix AI verification provides data fresh enough for sales triggers. Sales triggers are based on when candidates change position or when companies receive funding.

Learn how sale triggers can help marketing and sales generate leads when they are most likely to buy.

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