Lead prospecting simplified.


Improve your B2B lead generation for marketing and sales.
On average it takes 6 hours of work to book 1 meeting.
Cognism can do it in 2.

Find your ideal customer.

It has never been easier to reach more people but that does not mean they want what you have. Focus in on your ideal customer persona and book meetings in 1/3 of the time.


Prospect the perfect leads


AI is changing the way we do business. In order to keep up companies must adopt the newest tools. Cognism created the DataHelix AI to provide data so fresh it can be used for real-time sales triggers.



Get a free sample of our prospect lead data.

We are so confident our data will blow you away, that after a demo you will get a list of 100 prospect leads free!

The right tool for account-based marketing.

Account-based (ABM) marketing is super easy with Cognism Prospector.
Make highly specific persona filters to target accounts.
Use sales triggers and built-in email marketing automation to
reach prospects when they most likely to buy.


Prospect more leads, faster with Cognism.

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