You’ve never had data so fresh.

Cognism Refresh blends real-time data with AI to provide the freshest data to companies.
Keep your B2B data up-to-date with Cognism.

CRM Integrations

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Refresh your CRM data.

As data ages, it loses value. People change jobs and emails. Cognism provides unlimited data cleansing and enrichment. This keeps your company’s data always fresh.

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Data cleansing just got a lot smarter.

It used to be that keeping 400M records validated was an impossible task. To solve this Cognism’s data scientists have created Data Helix.

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Free CRM data evaluation.

Calculate the value of your CRM data by cross-checking your records against over 400 million profiles. Receive a detailed report that shows you the cost per lead, cleanliness of your CRM data and identifies new opportunities. Only pay for the value we deliver.

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Get your database ready for GDPR compliance.

Fast evaluation of your database for GDPR compliance. Get your data ready for GDPR before it’s too late.

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Keep your data super fresh with unlimited Refresh.


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