How can you get responses from your outbound cadences?

What is the key to making sales emails stand out from the crowd, and crucially, get responses? Here at Cognism, we are masters of the sales email. As a fast-growing, scaling company, we know how important the sales email can be to the success of a sales function. Our highly-targeted email campaigns helped us to achieve stunning growth in 2018 - a 657% growth in overall revenue. 

So, we’ve studied the data from our own email campaigns and we have identified five email templates, drawn from all stages of the sales cycle, which we believe to be crucial to your success as a sales rep. If you’re struggling to craft a sales email that works, or you don’t know where to start - then read on! 

What you’ll learn

  • How to open a sales conversation via email

  • The right way to follow-up with a prospect

  • How to get past the gatekeeper

  • How to convert inbound content downloads

  • The right way to revive an inactive contact

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