AI meets Human Intelligence.

A complete solution that merges AI and human intelligence to get the freshest data.


Keep up to date with dynamic data validation.

AI Data Management

DataHelix maintains a global data asset of 400 million business professionals with 4 dimensions of data: demographic, firmographic, technographic and chronographic.

Cognism Data Sourcing

Cognism acquires data from over 200 high-quality data sources. Using DataHelix, data is merged with open source and consented-in data to provide over 5.6 billion data points.

Data Management Compliance

Cognism is committed to keeping up to date with the data compliance laws of international data regulators. Our data is a fully compliant GDPR, PECER, and CAN-SPAM business data solution.


AI data verification & management.

Custom Buyer Personas Targeting

DataHelix powers Cognism Refresh's ability to find missing data.

AI Email Verification

DataHelix runs a 14-step verification process to find the correct email address for leads prospects.

AI Email Verification

DataHelix AI verification provides data fresh enough for sales triggers. Generate leads when they are most likely to buy.


Get a CRM data health check.

Calculate the value of your CRM data by cross-checking your records against over 400 million profiles.
Receive a detailed report that shows you the cleanliness of your CRM data and identifies new opportunities.

Business Data AI Solutions


Robust API Solutions

The Cognism API is powerful and easy to use. Made with developers and marketers in mind, to give them access to high-quality data solutions.


Global Data Asset

Cognism’s data is universal and focused on the EU and emerging markets. Explore a worldwide database of 400 million business professionals.


Actionable Data

Cognism stores over 5.6 billion data points with at least 16 actionable insights for each record.


Prepare your Data for AI

Cognism helps prep your data for the AI revolution. Find the missing data points vital to integrating AI into your business.


Get the data you need with Cognism.

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